Room Addition Builder to Match House

Is your family growing?  Do you want a new home, but you don’t want to move?  Sometimes the answer to cramped space isn’t a whole new house, new mortgage, and the hassle of moving.  Instead,, invest in your current property by complimenting your living space with an impressive home addition.  Suncraft is a complete design/build remodeling company specializing in home addition construction in the Columbus, Central Ohio area.  Our experienced designers take careful measurements of your house and then design your addition to fit perfectly and compliment the architecture and style of your home.  Your new addition can be as simple or grand as your desire, depending on your budget.

Pictured below is a large home addition project we recently completed.  Fortunately, the weather was mild enough this winter that we were able to work without much delay.  There were many days with temperatures in the 50’s which allowed us to even complete the stucco work.  Had this winter been like last year, the stucco work would have had to wait until Spring.  This particular project involves three distinctly different additions.  On the left side, we added an addition behind the existing garage designed specifically as a workshop.  We kept the garage addition separated from the existing garage by a door and installed a gas heater so that the homeowner could use it year ’round.  The existing roof above the existing garage was extended straight back and we created a stepped double gable which from the rear looks less massive and more appealing.

Next, more in the center of the project is an open back porch with a gable roof and decorative archway to let the sun shine in.  The columns were designed to be decorative and not structural.  Here we used cement lap siding as an architectural feature on the gable wall instead of stucco.  The floor of the open porch is pavers which leads to the main patio via a wrap around paver step.  Inside the open porch, the stucco house wall and existing kitchen window remained.  The French doors leading to the open porch are new and are part of the third part of this project which included enclosing the existing shed roof open porch.  If you look at the “before” photo, you can see how we transformed the back of this home.

On the right side, we added a distinctive family room addition.  It’s unique shape and roof make it the focal point of the project.  Arch top double hung Andersen windows fill this room with lots of natural light.  We removed the existing sliding glass doors to open it up to the existing family room.  Inside, the uniqueness of this addition is highlighted by the 8-sided vaulted ceiling which goes up to a point.  As with all of our additions, this addition includes insulation in the floor, walls and roof.  There is a crawl space beneath the addition which connects to the existing basement.  We installed HVAC ductwork with floor registers and return air vents connected to the existing furnace to ensure that the homeowners are comfortable in all the seasons.

Room Addition

Room Addition

Room Addition


Garage in Gahanna

December garage addition construction in Gahanna, Ohio provides space and lots of curb appeal.  This is a 16’x20′ one car garage which will provide room for a third car and lots of extra storage.  We designed and built this garage addition to match the architecture of the existing.  It looks as if it was built with the house originally.

Fireplace Make-Over

Fireplace make-over in Gahanna, Ohio.  Homeowners felt it was time for a face-lift so they called Suncraft for some ideas.  Our designer suggested removing the wood mantle, wood beams and chair rail and covering the brick with drywall.  We then built a granite surround and seat for the fireplace to give it a fresh clean look.  Now there’s space above the fireplace for a flat-screen TV.  Wow!